What is Edacious?
The Edacious project is developing an open-source electronic design automation (EDA) suite for purposes of designing electronic circuits and systems, simulating and analyzing their behavior, and producing standard PCB masks / other manufacturing data in an efficient way. A number of interfaces are provided:
  • edacious: A user-friendly graphical interface for circuit design/simulation and PCB edition (based on the cross-platform Agar GUI library).
  • edacious-tools: Unix-style utitilies, command-line interface (in development).
  • libedacious: C/C++ interface.
  • p5-Edacious: Perl XS interface (in development).

Edacious's circuit simulator is built from the ground up and is intended to complement the existing open-source simulators (i.e., SPICE, Qucs). Component models are organized in extensible libraries.

Edacious is written in ANSI C, and is portable to the many platforms supported by Agar. The Edacious source code is freely usable and re-usable by everyone under a revised BSD license. Because Edacious is free software, you are encouraged to make it more useful.
11/17/2022 You can now join the LibAgar Discord to discuss the project.
09/21/2022 Project website moved to edacious.hypertriton.com.
09/14/2009 Project website moved to edacious.org.
03/24/2008 This project was mostly unmaintained for the past few years, is now being undergoing development again thanks to GSOC. We hope to make a first numbered, stable release before January 2009. The current code is available from Subversion.
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